Marek A. Bednarczyk

Gdansk Branch of the Institute of Computer Science, Polish Academy of Sciences, and Altkom S.A.

My scientific interests include:

  • Concurrency
  • Logic in Computing Science
  • Specification, verification and development of software
  • Practical use of theorem provers, e.g, Isabelle, and Logical Frameworks in computer-aided specification, verification and development of software.
  • Formal methods
  • Applications of Category Theory to Computing Science.
  • Theory and practice of object oriented programming.
  • Non-monotonic reasoning and its applications in Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence.

Some of my research reports and papers

Curriculum Vitae

Znowu ``KROPKI''! -- propozycja powrotu do dawnej postaci graficznej Raportow IPI PAN [in Polish].

Materialy dla studentow WSzB : wyklad , slajdy nt programowania oraz slajdy nt specyfikowania systemow reaktywnych [in Polish].

A link to a local copy of an Object Orientation FAQ from IAM Software Composition Group and another to a local copy html documents available from The Object Agency

Contact: IPI PAN
s-mail: Instytut Podstaw Informatyki, filia Gdansk, Abrahama 18, 81-825 Sopot, Poland
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