Object-Orientation FAQ

1.24) What Other FAQs Are Available?

FAQ's are cross-posted to news.answers and are archived on anonymous ftp from:
  rtfm.mit.edu:/pub/usenet		(also usenet-by-hierarchy, etc.)
rtfm archives several FAQs pertinent to OO (alternative/original sites are listed).
  comp.lang.ada         ajpo.sei.cmu.edu:public/comp-lang-ada/cla-faq[12]
  comp.lang.beta        ftp.daimi.aau.dk:pub/beta/faq/beta-language-faq.txt
  comp.lang.c++         sun.soe.clarkson.edu:pub/C++/FAQ []
  comp.lang.eiffel      ftp.cm.cf.ac.uk:/pub/eiffel/eiffel-faq
  comp.lang.sather      ftp.ICSI.Berkeley.EDU:pub/sather [not on rtfm]
  comp.lang.scheme      ftp.think.com:/public/think/lisp/scheme-faq.text
  comp.lang.smalltalk   xcf.Berkeley.EDU:misc/smalltalk/FAQ/SmalltalkFAQ.entire
  comp.object           zaphod.uchicago.edu:/pub/CompObj8.faq(.Z) (also www)
  comp.object.logic     ftp.cs.cmu.edu:(2)prg_1.faq,prg_2.faq  []
  1) xcf.Berkeley.EDU is
  2) /afs/cs.cmu.edu/project/ai-repository/ai/pubs/faqs/prolog/
  3) BETA FAQ www (most current): http://www.daimi.aau.dk/~beta/FAQ
     Email: info@mjolner.dk with body: send BETA beta-faq
  4) Modula-3: ftp.vlsi.polymtl.ca:pub/m3/m3-faq.ps.
     Archives: gatekeeper.dec.com:pub/DEC/Modula-3/comp.lang.modula3
     Newsgroup relay mailing list; message to m3-request@src.dec.com
  5) comp.lang.eiffel archive: http://www.cm.cf.ac.uk/CLE/archive_index.html
See APPENDIX E:60 for a CDROM with Internet FAQs.
A new C++ libraries FAQ is posted monthly to comp.lang.c++ and should be on
rtfm soon.  Contact cpplibs@trmphrst.demon.co.uk.  It contains anonymous ftp
sites and commercial libraries and may be merged with this FAQ eventually.
Many FAQs are also available from mail-servers, however most can be accessed by
the rtfm mail-server.  Mail to mail-server@rtfm.mit.edu with help and index in
the body with no leading spaces and on separate lines for more information.
Example Unix Command (will retrieve this FAQ in about 26 pieces (and growing)):
  mail mail-server@rtfm.mit.edu
  send usenet/comp.object/*
There is also a great ftp site for sci.virtual-worlds on:
  stein.u.washington.edu (
          - home of sci.virtual-worlds, huge faq w/ great info!
          - if unable to use try ftp.u.washington.edu
[While VR may not be directly related to comp.object, it is most interesting!
   - The Author]

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