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> "CASE Products 1990: A survey of CASE Products from US Vendors",
  Arbeitspapiere der GMD 518, March, 1991.  Heinz W. Schmidt,
Ovum Ltd
1 Mortimer Street
London W1N 7RH
Tel: +44 71 255 2670
Fax: +44 71 255 1995
From: oil@idt.unit.no (Odd Ivar Lindland)
Subject: Re: CASE Survey
Organization: Norwegian Institute of Technology, University of Trondheim
Date: Fri, 9 Jul 93 06:57:25 GMT
A comprehensive survey of 35 commercial CASE tools is given in
"Ovum evaluates: CASE products". It is from 1993 and is continuously updated.
It has all the information you asked for. The bad thing is that it is very
expensive ($1995 !!!). You should get a 40 % academic discount, however.
Moreover, recently they had a "quick-answer discount" making the full price
(before academic discount) $1295. Anyway, I believe it is good investment if you
quickly want to have comprehensive information about the current CASE market.
Particularly valuable is the comparative evaluation of the 35 products.

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