Object-Orientation FAQ


See also APPENDIX C.
Below is a list of available OO CASE environments.  Many thanks to James Odell
<71051.1733@compuserve.com> for his extensive list and to Ron Schultz
<ron@bse.com> for a list posted to comp.object on 9/13/92.  Many additional
entries have been added and additional entries are encouraged; please send
additions and updates to the author of the FAQ (and/or to James and Ron).
Second is a collection of articles, products, and papers on CASE systems.
These appeared as posts to comp.object.
I. graphic-only OO-CASE
·	EasyCASE
·	HOOD Toolset
·	Model 5w
·	Stood
·	TurboCASE
II. OO-CASE with some code generation (1 to 60%)
·	AdaVantage
·	Bachman/Analyst
·	EiffelCase
·	HOMSuite
·	IE\O (canceled)
\067    Intelligent OOA (?)
·	MacAnalyst/Designer
·	ObjectCraft
\067    Object Domain
·	Objecteering
·	ObjectModeler
·	ObjecTool
·	Object Oriented Designer
·	ObjectOry
·	ObjectTeam
·	OMTool
·	OOTher
·	Prosa/om
·	Rational Rose
·	Select/OMT
·	SES/Objectbench
·	System Architect
·	Westmount I-CASE OMT
·	001
III. Meta OO-CASE (CASE that builds CASE)
·	Envision
·	Excelerator II
·	GraphTalk
·	MetaEdit
·	Object Maker
·	Paradigm Plus
·	Toolbuilder
IV.  Full execution OO-CASE
·	BridgePoint
\067    ObjectGEODE
·	ObjecTime
·	Ptech
Available CASE Systems
    tool name,
    description and methods
    operating systems(price, if known)
    vendor name,
    vendor contact information
*Object-oriented, full life cycle CASE
*VAX/VMS, Unix ($24,000)
Hamilton Technologies Inc
17 Inman St., Cambridge MA  01239
(617) 492-0058
AdaVantage ($1095--$1780)
*analysis, design (Ada) Generators: production code, Ada compiler and tool set
 reusable components library
*PC AT/XT, Mac, Unix Workstations
Meridian Software Systems, Inc.
23141 Verdugo Dr., Ste 105, Laguna Hills CA 92653
Bachman Data Analyst
*Data Modeling and analysis with OO support
*PC-DOS, OS/2, Unix
Bachman Information Systems
8 New England Executive Park, Burlington, MA  01803
(617) 273-9003
*Semantic Nets, Object-Message Diagrams, State Transition Diagrams, Petri-Nets
*Generates C++
*PC-DOS, OS/2, Windows Macintosh ($595)
Berard Software Engineering
902 Wind River Lane, Suite 203
Gaithersburg, MD  20878
*Shlaer/Mellor notation
*general purpose code generator from"Action Language" psuedo code
*based on user-defined templates
*simulation tool
*Unix ($6,000)
Objective Spectrum
901 Kildaire Rd
Cary, NC  27511
(919) 460-1500
(919) 380-6463 (fax)
*Parts of Shlaer/Mellor method plus lots of other non-OO notations
*Windows, DOS ($495 to $1,295)
Evergreen CASE Tools, Inc
8522 154th Ave NE
Redmond, WA  98052
(206) 881-5149
(206) 883-7676 (fax)
*ISE's BON (Better Object Notation)
*Generates Eiffel class templates
*Unix, Windows NT ($1,995)
Interactive Software Engineering, Inc
270 Storke Road, Suite 7
Goleta, CA  93117
(805) 685-1006
(805) 685-6869 (fax)
*Methodology independent, user defined.  Meta-CASE.  Template code
 generation.  Examples include BPR, Yourdon/ER, OMT.
*Windows,NT,OS/2,(Chicago),Network Servers (8,000 Single, Multiple discounts).
Future Tech Systems (Leon Stucki)
824 E. Main
Auburn, Washington 98002
(206) 939-7552
(206) 735 6763 (fax)
Excelerator II
*Odell/Martin, Rumbaugh, Jacobson, and Wirfs-Brock notation
*Can customize and mix parts of on approach with another in a user-friendly manner
*LAN, meta-CASE with customizable graphics and rules
*OS/2, Windows NT ($9,500)
Intersolv, Inc
3200 Tower Oaks Blvd
Rockville, MD  20852
(301) 230-3200
(301) 231-7813(fax)
*many notations (IE, NIAM, HOOD, Merise, SADT)
*configurable meta-CASE tool
*executable code generation of C (via enhanced pseudo code) and GQL
*Sun, DEC, RS6000, UNIX, Motif, PS/2, PC 386, OS/2
Rank Xerox
AI & CASE Division
7, rue Touzet Gaillard
93586 Saint-Ouen Cedex
+33 (1) 494 85085
*responsibility-driven design
*Generates C++ and Smalltalk/V
*Windows ($595)
Hatteras Software Inc
208 Lochside Dr
Cary, NC  27511
(919) 851-0993
HOOD Toolset (design only)
*HOOD notation
*Unix, DOS
CASET Corporation
33751 Connemara Dr
San Juan Cap., CA  92693
(714) 496-8670
IE\O IEF (IE\O canceled)
*OO version of IEF.  IEF now handles some OO CASE?
Texas Instruments
*knowledge-based system (KBS) approach named KADS, part is OO to
*capture knowledge, part involves rules that capture decision-making logic,
*generates C++
*Unix, DEC VMS
2, ave Gallieni, BP 85
94523 Gentilly Cedex
+33 1 4663-6666
+33 1 4663-1582 (fax)
Intelligent OOA
*Shlaer/Mellor notation
*general purpose code generator from"Action Language" psuedo code
*based on user-defined templates
*simulation tool
Kennedy-Carter (in the U.K.)
Contact Tracy Morgan on
or fax
or mail tracy@kc.com
LOV/Object Editor
*Rumbaugh notation
*generates C++
*interfaces with Verilog product suite
*Unix, OSF/Motif
Logiscope, Inc.
3010 LBJ Freeway, Suite 900
Dallas, TX  75234
(214) 241-6595
(214) 241-6594
MacAnalyst and MacDesigner
*various notations
*screen prototyping
*Macintosh ($995-2,590)
Excel Software
PO Box 1414
Marshalltown, IA
(515) 752-5359
(515) 752-2435 (fax)
*Analysis and design tool that supports most available structured
 and OO analysis and design methods, and can be easily customized.
 OO methods supported: Booch, Coad/Yourdon, Demeter, Rumbaugh, OSA and MOSESA.
*MetaEdit is available for MS-Windows 3.1 (499$ - 1500$).
MetaCase Consulting OY
P.O. Box 449
FIN-40101 Jyväskylä
tel. & fax. +358-41-650 400
[The shareware version can be found from Simtel, Cica, and their mirrors. The
 version 1.0 is shareware but the latest version 1.1 is fully commercial.]
[MetaEdit 1.1 - MetaCase Consulting Oy - metacase@jsp.fi
                shareware version "metaed10.zip" can be ftp'd from ftp.funet.fi
                (other sites also have the file, check archie)]
Model 5w
*prototype, free with purchase of OOA text "The Problem Space".
 GUI front end for integrated repository supporting OO requirements
 analysis, including events, rules, participants, and locations.
*Windows 3.X under DOS or OS/2
Dan Tasker Consulting
Sydney, Australia
Phone/Fax +61 2 909-8961
*OOT's own graphic notation
*Generates C++
*DOS ($99)
Object-Oriented Technologies
2124 Kittredge St,  Suite 118
Berkeley,  CA  94704
(415) 759-6270 (voice/fax)
Object Domain
*Booch notation (All diagrams:class,object,state,process,module and
 interaction diagrams)
*generates C++ headers and stubs
*MS-Windows 3.1
*Shareware US $99.00
*See Appendix E
Dirk Vermeersch
1397 Ridgewood Drive
San Jose, CA 95118
*Softeam's "Class Relation" approach notation
*Generates C++ ("up to 60%"), open with multiple, concurrent user
*Sun, DEC, HP, RS6000, Unix, X Windows/Motif ($9,500)
One Kendall Square, #2200
Cambridge, MA  02139
(617) 621-7091
(617) 577-1209 (fax)
*OMT, ITU's SDL and MSC methodology notations
*Object and Use Cases Analysis, Architectural, Data and Behavioral
*Rapid prototyping, Verification and Validation through Simulation,
*Full C/C++ code generation for most popular embedded RT systems
*ObjectGEODE runs on: SparcStation/SunOS & Solaris, HP/HPUX,
RS6000/AIX, DecAlpha/OSF1 (From $10,000)
Logiscope, Inc.
3010 LBJ Freeway, Suite 900
Dallas, TX 75234
(214) 241 6595
800 424 3095
(214) 241 6594 (fax)
*ROOM methodology (Real-Time Object-Oriented Modelling) notation
*OO state charts with methods specified in own Smalltalk-like language or C++
*generates Smalltalk, C, C++ and interfaces with C++ environment
*internally used product by Bell-Northern for several years
*full code generation for embedded RT systems
*Unix  ($20,000 includes training and support)
ObjecTime Limited
340 March Road, Suite 200
Kanata, Ontario,
Canada K2K 2E4
(613) 591-3400
*supports many diagramming notations
*customize methods, checking, and semantics with external rules
*configurable meta-CASE tool
*Cobol, Ada, C, and C++ generation (shell) and reverse engineering
*Macintosh, VAX, Windows 3, X Windows/Motif ($8,000 to $25,000)
Mark V Systems Ltd
16400 Ventura Blvd
Encino, Ca.
(818) 995-7671
*Rumbaugh, Coad/Yourdon, Jacobson and Booch notation
*multiple, concurrent user
*generates SQL, C++, Smalltalk templates
*Macintosh, Unix ($1,495­5,995)
Iconix Software Engineering
2800 28th St.,  Suite 320
Santa Monica, CA  90405
(310) 458-0092
ObjecTool (was OOA/OODTool), Together/C++(new)
*Coad/Yourdon, Object-oriented analysis.  ObjectTool (Startup tool)
*Windows, OS/2, HP/Sun Unix.
*Together/C++ (Windows only) Code/Design integration.
Object International, Inc.
8140 N. MoPac Expwy
Austin, Tx  78759-6535
(512) 795-0202
(512) 795-0332 (fax) 
Object Oriented Designer (Freeware: See Appendix E:66)
*Only object model (with some extension) of Rumbaugh notation
*generates C++
*primitive graphics editor
*Unix machine(SunSparc, HP, Solaris, Linux, RS6000)
*written by C++ with OSF/Motif 1.2
*obtainable from any ftp.x.org site (/contrib/devel_tools/OOD)
	and from ASSET project
*a little unreliable
Prof. Taegyun Kim (ktg@taejo.pufs.ac.kr)
Pusan Univ. of Foreign Studies
55-1 Uam-Dong Pusan 608-738 Korea
82 (051) 640-3178
*Jacobson notation.
*Generates C++, CMM support.
*Windows, OS/2, Unix, 4 configurations, $5000.00 - $10000.00 (USD)
Objectory AB
Torshamnsgatan 39,
Mail Box 1128, S-164 ss
ObjectTeam (also Teamwork)
*Shlaer/Mellor, Rumbaugh (a "special edition" of Paradigm Plus)
*SQL, ADA, Smalltalk, C, and C++ generation
*VAX/VMS, Unix, OS/2, PC-DOS  Rumbaugh: PC($4000)/Unix($8000),
*SM: Unix (1 at a time)
*Demo Tutorial, Eval copies.  ATM example + others.
Cadre Technologies, Inc
222 Richmond St.,
Providence, RI
(401) 351-5950
(401) 455-6800 (fax)
OEW (Object Engineering Workbench)
*Martin/Odell object diagrams
*generates C++ (templates unless supplemented with C coded methods)
*reverse engineers C++
*Sun OS, PC Windows 3.x ($99-$2190)
Innovative Software GmbH
Niddastr. 66-68
6000 Frankfurt/M 1
+49 60 236 929
+49 69 236930 (fax)
*Coad/Yourdon OOA, FSM(subset of SDL), Jacobson's Use Case and Object
* Interaction diagrams.  Consistency, C++ header gen. from OOA.
*MS-Windows 3.1
*Freeware for students/schools/home users. Corp 1-5 Shareware (USD $170).
*See Appendix E, entry 67
Roman M. Zielinski <conrozi@kk90.ericsson.se>
Tre Kaellors Vaeg 7
S-145 65 Norsborg
OMW (Object Management Workbench)
*draws and executes from Martin/Odell diagrams
*produces fully executable ANSI C environment
*UI construction facilities, "object engine" for managing objects
*AI "rule engine" for managing rules
*interfaces with multiple databases
*Unix; generated code runs on any ANSI C environment ($5,000-25,000)
1975 El Camino Real West
Mountain View, CA  94025
(415) 965-5500
(415) 965-5647 (fax)
OMTool (see also StP/OMT)
*OMTool(tm) version 2.0 (Object Modeling Tool, Rumbaugh) PC-based graphical
 tool for OO analysis and design. graphical prep and editing of object models
 for systems, programs, databases using the OMT.
*8MB mem/math coproc(16MB without), Windows 3.1, Mouse, Hard Disk with 4 MB of
 available disk space, 386 CPU, Video Graphics Adapter.
*Price: $995.00 US.
Martin Marietta Advanced Concepts Center
640 Freedom Business Center
King of Prussia, PA 19406
  +1 (610) 992-6200,
  +1  800  438-7246,
  +1 (610) 992-6299  (FAX)
Winter Partners
London Office:                 Zurich Office:
  West Wing, The Hop Exchange
  24a Southwark Street           Florastrasse 44
  London SE1 1TY                 CH-8008 Zurich
  England                        Switzerland
  Tel. +44-(0)71-357-7292        Tel. +41-(0)1-386-95 11
  Fax. +44-(0)71-357-6650        Fax. +41-(0)1-386-95 00
Paradigm Plus
*CASE toolset supporting Booch(new), Coad/Yourdon, EVB, and others.
*configurable meta-CASE tool
*Rev eng code.  Gen code templates.  Incr code gen next release, year end.
*Windows: Fixed/1 machine, $3995, maint $599. Floating/net $4995, maint $750.
*Unix: $7770, $1155 maint.    Multiple discounts.
*Eval, Demo, 30 day eval copy.
17629 El Camino Real 202
Houston TX 77058
713 480 3233
Fax 713 480 6606
*Coad/Yourdon notation
*Generates C++, SQL
*Windows, OS/2,  Motif
Prosa Software
Kirkkokato 5 B
SF-90100 Oulu, FInland
+358 (81) 376-128
+358 (81) 371-754
*Martin/Odell notation
*modifiable meta-model
*supports Martin/Odell notation, "data model is the database", C++ and Ontos
 or Objectivity code generation (fully executable code), formal foundation
*Unix, ($5,000-25,000)
Ptech, Inc.
200 Friberg Parkway
Westborough, MA 01581  USA
(508) 366-9166
Rational Rose
*Booch notation OOA/D
*generates C++
*Unix, AIX ($749-5,249)
*(PC version formerly sold by Palladio Software)
3320 Scott Blvd.
Santa Clara, Ca.  95054
(408) 496-3700
*C++ Booch Components 1-800-767-3237 ext. 23
*Booch-93 notation
*generates C++ headers and stubs
*project management aids, multi-user
*Windows, OSF/Motif, Open Look, Macintosh ($249-995)
MultiQuest Corp
1699 E. Woodfield Rd Suite A-1
Schaumburg, IL  60173
(708) 240-5555, (708) 240-5556 (fax)
Select OMT
*Rumbaugh notation
*generates C++
*Windows ($695)
Select Software Tools, Ltd
1526 Brookhollow Dr.
Santa Ana, CA  92705
(714) 957-6633; (714) 957-6219
*Shlaer/Mellor notation, supports GUI and database links editors, browsers,
 test utilities, and statistical analysis for simulation development.
 Emphasizes importance of model animation to functionally verify the analysis.
*generates C++
*Macintosh, MS-DOS, UNIX ($4,900 to $24,300)
Software & Engineering Software (SES)
4301 Westbank Dr., Bldg A, Austin, TX 78746
(512) 328-5544, (512) 327-6646 (fax)
*HOOD (version 3.1) notation, supports Ada, C, C++
*Unix, RISC, X windows
Techniques Nouvells d'Informatique
Technopole Brest-Iroise
ZI du Vernis, Case postale 1
29608 Brest Cedex, France
+33 9 8052744, +33 9 849-4533 (fax)
StP/OMT - Software through Pictures
*Member of StP family of integrated multi-user software development tools.
 Developed jointly by MM ACC and IDE. Open architecture, object- and system-
 level designs, reuses existing class structures to build applications.
 Stand-alone or part of OMT Success Packages which combines training,
 consulting, mentoring, and maintenance in addition to software.  Shared
 repository, version control and locking, code and document generation.
*StP/OMT runs on; AIX, DECstation, RS/6000, Sun OS, SPARCstation, HP 700/800,
 and Sun Solaris.
*Price: $12,000.00 US
Interactive Development Environments.
595 Market Street, 10th Floor
San Francisco, CA 94105
+1 (415) 543-0900,
+1  800  888-4331
System Architect
*Booch, Coad/Yourdon, Shlaer-Mellor.
*design portion specific to Smalltalk, Ada, Object Pascal, and C++
*dialogues and menu management (Windows, C, C++),  DB views (SQL, C++),
 other (C++)
*Windows ($1395, single User), OS/2($1795, base).
Popkin Software
11 Park Place
New York, NY  10007
(212) 571-3434
(212) 571-2426 (fax)
*many notation (IE, HOOD, SSADM, Shlaer-Mellor)
*configurable meta-CASE tool
*executable code generation of C, C++, Cobol, ADA (via enhanced design-level
 action diagrams) and Motif and Open Look
*interfaces  to Sybase, Oracle, Informix
*Sun Sparc, Apollo, HP 9000, DECstation, RS6000 ($17,000)
IPSYS Software
28 Green St.
Newbury, MA 01951
(508) 463-0006
IPSYS Software plc
Marlborough Court
Pickford Street
Macclefield, Cheshire
SK11 6JD  U. K.
+44 (625) 616722
*ER diagrams and state charts
*design portion supports class hierarchy, collaboration
*Macintosh ($995)
5416 156th Ave SE
Bellevue, WA  98006
*supports VSF's extensive approach (including rules) some of which are based on other popular notations
*C++ template generation, reverse engineerings
*OS/2, Unix ($8,000­$23,500)
Virtual Software Factory, Inc
13873 Park Center Rd, #218
Herndon, VA  22071
(703) 318-1180
Westmount I-CASE OMT
*Rumbaugh notation
*generates SQL and C++
*Open repository (Informix, Ingres, Sybase)
*Documentation and report generation
Westmount Technology B.V.
Olof Palmestraat 24
P.O.Box 5063
2600 GB  DELFT
The Netherlands
Tel. (+31) (0)15 - 141212
Fax. (+31) (0)15 - 120267
Westmount USA Inc.
1555 Wilson Blvd.,
Suite 300,
Arlington, VA 22209,
Tel. (+1) 703 875 8799
Fax. (+1) 703 527 5709

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