Object-Orientation FAQ

1 Alcool-90 (dyn ML)

What: Alcool-90 Release 0.40.3
From: rouaix@inria.fr (Francois Rouaix)
Date: 18 May 92 09:36:22 GMT
Alcool-90 is an experimental extension of ML with run-time overloading and
a type-based notion of modules, functors and inheritance.
New constructs have been added:
        * Overloaded symbols (overload).
        * Local definition of abstract values (overload in).
        * Implementations and parametric functors (pack to).
        * Extension functors (overload with).
        * Class-based Dynamics (dynamic).
This version of Alcool is based on the CAML Light implementation (release
0.4) of the ML language, but this release is autonomous.
Alcool-90 is available by anonymous FTP from ftp.inria.fr:
    host:      ftp.inria.fr  (
    directory: lang/alcool
     README                 Copyright information.
     alcool270492.tar.Z     Sources for Un*x machines (Apr 27 1992 Release).
     alcooldoc.dvi.tar.Z    DVI for the Alcool-90 report draft.
For questions, comments, bug reports, please e-mail to Francois.Rouaix@inria.fr

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