Object-Orientation FAQ

11 OOT (OO Turing demo)

What: OOT
From: holt@turing.toronto.edu (Ric Holt)
Date: 26 Apr 93 20:14:43 GMT
OOT (Object Oriented Turing) is a programming language that has been
developed at the University of Toronto.  An OOT demo, which includes the
fully implemented language, is available for Sun/4's running X windows.
See below for instructions to copy the demo to your site.
OOT supports the standard OOPL features of information hiding, classes,
polymorphism and generics, as well as the usual features in C and Pascal
style languages.  It also supports concurrency, exception handling
and system programming (pointer arithmetic, bit manipulation, etc).  
The OOT environment is designed for teaching Computer Science.
It is being used in introductory programming courses, courses
on OO concepts, compiler courses, OS courses, etc.
The OOT environment is fully integrated, with multi-window editing, turbo
speed compiler, integrated color graphics, GUI user interface, implicit MAKE,
on-line manual, integrated demos, etc.  The system includes an experimental
CASE tool with an interface browser and a visual system browser.

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