Object-Orientation FAQ

14 C++ gram, etc.

What: ftp site for C++ material
From: schrod@iti.informatik.th-darmstadt.de (Joachim Schrod)
Date: 27 May 92 22:32:35 GMT
There were a lot of questions about C++ material in the last time and some
announcements which involved our ftp server.
        ftp.th-darmstadt.de []
At the moment we have:
 -- documentation and assorted stuff
        C++ products list as announced by Saumen K Dutta (in a subdirectory!)
        C++ YACC grammar, ET++ tutorial, summaries from the Net,
        sources from James Coplien's book (idioms...), etc.
 -- class libraries
        NIHCL (original, persistent for ObjectStore, with g++ 1.4x changes)
        COOL, OATH, RogueWave vector, ET++,
        RPC package, a package for sockets, awe (thread package)
 -- tools
        class browser (for GNU Emacs), indent++, yacc+, template
        processor of Brad Cox[sp?], DEC garbage collector
More stuff is always welcome.  (Btw, Interviews and Motif C++ wrapper
classes are to be found in the /pub/X11 subtree.)

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