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From: darrenp@dibbler.cs.monash.edu.au (Daz)
Subject: Re: Class libraries for accessing RDBs ?
Organization: Monash University, Melb., Australia.
Date: Thu, 17 Jun 1993 23:53:22 GMT
shekar@gizmo.CS.MsState.Edu (Chandrashekar Ramanathan) writes:
>       Are there any shareware/ftp'able C++ class libraries that
>provide Relational Database access? I would also appreciate any
>pointers (ideas/articles/journals) to the various issues that one has
>to consider in designing such library.
Ok, I'm not sure if it's exactly what you want, but it's a database, it's
fully written in c++ with classes etc, and it's out for beta testing.
Check out pippin.cs.monash.edu.au:pub/export/diamond-0.1.2.tar.Z
and please mail darrenp@dibbler.cs.monash.edu.au if you decide to play with
Darren Platt, Department of Computer Science
Monash University, Clayton Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

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