Object-Orientation FAQ


GRAS - A Graph-Oriented Database System for SE Applications
Copyright (C) 1987-1992  Lehrstuhl Informatik III, RWTH Aachen
This library is free software under the terms of the GNU Library
General Public License.
Lehrstuhl f"ur Informatik III --> GRAS
University of Technology Aachen (RWTH Aachen),
Ahornstr. 55,
D-5100 Aachen
Contact : Dr. Andy Sch"urr (or Richard Breuer),
ricki@rwthi3.informatik.rwth-aachen.de (for technical support)
The system GRAS with interfaces for the programming languages Modula-2
and C is available as public domain software for Sun3/Sun4 workstations
(the GRAS system itself is implemented in Modula-2 and consists of many
layers which might be reusable for the implementation of other systems): 
  Via anonymous ftp from tupac-amaru.informatik.rwth-aachen.de
  ( in the directory /pub/unix/GRAS522_3
  There are several files contain documentation, sources, binaries,
  and libraries. All binaries are for Sun/4 machines. Sun/3 binaries
  are shipped only if explicitly requested.

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