Object-Orientation FAQ

19 MOOD (OODB, lim arch)

What: MOOD/P3 Ver.2.00 OODBS {Miniature,Materials}OODBS.
From: ono@mood.mech.tohoku.ac.jp (Noboru Ono)
Date: 18 May 92 10:28:42 GMT
The following program/sample database package is available through anonymous
FTP at mood.mech.tohoku.ac.jp ( Sorry it is not the sources and
operates only in NEC-PC9801/MS-DOS environment.  Sorry again documents are all
in Japanese. We will tell you later when English documents has become ready.
      MOOD/P3 Ver.2.00
      Material's Object-Oriented Database, Prototype 3
This program, as you may guess,
      1) is an Object-Oriented database system program,
      2) operates on PC-9801 series personal computer, and
      3) is accompanied by sample material database schema.
Although this program has been developed and being used in the experiments
on material data processing in which we are now involved, it is a general
purpose OODBS. 
Noboru Ono
Dept. of Machine Intelligence and Systems Engineering,
Faculty of Engineering, Tohoku University.

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