Object-Orientation FAQ

21 POSTGRES (Ext. Rel. DBMS)

What: Version 4.0 of the POSTGRES DBMS
From: mer@gaia.CS.Berkeley.EDU (Jeff Meredith)
Date: 16 Jul 92 04:53:17 GMT
Version 4.0 of the POSTGRES DBMS is now available for distribution. Version 4.0
provides significant advances in functionality over 3.1.  General improvements
in the code and some key multi-user bug fixes have resulted in a much more
reliable system than we have ever previously released.
Major new features include:
 o  Complete support for language (POSTQUEL) functions.
 o  Handling of nested dot expressions.
 o  Optimization of predicates with expensive functions.
 o  Binary portals
 o  Initial support of sets
 o  Indices on system catalogs.
Postgres runs on Sparc I, Sparc II, Sun 4 running SunOs, and DECstations
running ULTRIX >= 4.0, as well as Sequent Symmetry machines.  Postgres
consists of about 250,000 lines of C.
If you would like to get Postgres 4.0, you can get it in one of two ways:
(1)  Anonymous FTP from postgres.berkeley.edu
cd pub
get postgres-setup.me
get postgres-v4r0.tar.Z
Or, if you do not have net.access, you can order a Postgres distribution
tape by sending a check payable to the Regents of the University of California
for $150.00 to:
         Postgres Project
         571 Evans Hall
         University of California
         Berkeley, CA 94720.
Indicate in your accompanying letter whether you want the system on a 9-track
tape at 1600 BPI, at 6250 BPI, on a cartridge tape for SUN shoeboxes (QIC 24
format), or on a TK50 DEC cartridge tape.

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