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22 Sniff (C++ devel environ)

[See also APPENDIX C, SNiFF+, for the commercial version]
What: SNIFF (Sniff 1.1b (C++ Development Environment))
From: shite@sinkhole.unf.edu (Stephen Hite)
Date: 23 Aug 92 18:14:00 GMT
Sniff 1.1b is available from iamsun.unibe.ch in the C++ hierarchy.  It's a
development environment for C++ (minus the C++ compiler or interpreter).
It's freely available and you're gonna need OpenWindows 3.0 if you want
to play with it immediately.  I just downloaded it and haven't had a
chance to look into whether the XView 3.0 package will be able to handle
everything Sniff requires of the OpenLook part.
From: sniff@takeFive.co.at (Mr. Sniff)
Newsgroups: comp.lang.c++,comp.unix,comp.unix.osf.osf1,comp.unix.solaris,comp.object
Subject: SNiFF+ takeFive Starts Free University Distribution of Commercial C/C++ Programming Environment
Date: 22 Sep 1993 15:51:26 GMT
Organization: EUnet EDV-Dienstleistungsgesellschaft m.b.H
Keywords: programming environments, browsing, C++
SNiFF+: takeFive Starts Free University Distribution of Commercial C/C++
Programming Environment
1. Introduction
Since the beginning of 1993 takeFive has taken over development and support
for SNiFF+, a leading edge C/C++ programming environment.  With SNiFF+
rapidly gaining commercial acceptance takeFive has decided to offer the
product free to educational establishments. There are several reasons for
this step.
6. How to Obtain SNiFF+
6.1 FTP
Sniff can be downloaded from anonymous FTP sites in USA and Europe.
You can get all details from info@takeFive.co.at.
From: hueni@iam.unibe.ch (Hermann Hueni)
Subject: Re: Browsers
Date: Fri, 11 Jun 1993 12:37:28 GMT
Sniff is a commercial product.
Send mail to info@takeFive.co.at
AN early version is available as a SUN SPARC binary only from
siam.unibe.ch:C++/Sniff1.6/     (THIS site is in EUROPE)

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