Object-Orientation FAQ

25 COOL(C++, Cfront 2.1, from GE)

COOL is a C++ class library developed at Texas Instruments.
Features are:
1. Rich set of containers like Vector, List, Hash_Table, Matrix, etc...
2. Hierarchy is shallow with no common base class, rather than deep like NIHCL.
3. Functionality close to Common Lisp data structures, like GNU libg++.
4. Template syntax very close to Cfront3.x, g++2.x.
5. Free, with good documentation, and extensive test cases.
Light version of COOL from General Electric:
1. Hairy macros, run-time type, exceptions removed for mainstream C++
2. Free of memory leaks and bound violations. Leaks and bounds are checked
   with Purify.
3. Has memory management and efficient copy in expressions like:
  Set c = a+b+c;
  Pointers are shared with Handle and Reference count. Deep copy in
  expressions are replaced by shallow copy.
4. Compatible with Cfront2.1, and is being converted to Cfront3.0. You can
  build both static and shared library on SunOS 4.1.x
1. original version from Texas Instruments:
   at csc.ti.com, get pub/COOL.tar.Z
2. Cfront2.1 version modified by General Electric:
   at cs.utexas.edu, get pub/COOL/GE_COOL2.1.tar.Z
I am working on Cfront3.0 version of COOL, using the Beta 3.0 from Sun. I am
experiencing problems with instantiation and specialization of templates.  So
Cfront3.0 version of COOL won't be available until Sun's Cfront 3.0 is
released with bugs fixed.
Van-Duc Nguyen
General Electric
Research & Development Ctr
1 River Road, Room K1-5C39.
Schenectady, NY 12301.
Phone: (518) 387-5659
Fax:   (518) 387-6845

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