Object-Orientation FAQ

27 Browser for OO info

A search engine for Object-Oriented Information Sources on the World
Wide Web is being maintained by the Software Composition Group at the
University of Berne, Switzerland.  The URL to access is:
A mirror of the catalog is available from the University of Geneva:
Please e-mail suggestions for new entries to: scg@iam.unibe.ch 
A searchable bibliography of object-oriented references is also available:
as is a (searchable) version of the OO FAQ:
Oscar Nierstrasz
Prof. Dr. Oscar Nierstrasz; oscar@iam.unibe.ch; http://iamwww.unibe.ch/~oscar
Software Composition Group; CS Inst., U. Berne; Tel/Fax: +41 31 631.4618/3965

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