Object-Orientation FAQ

3 BOS (prototyping)

What: BOS
From: Sean.Levy@cs.cmu.edu
Date: 23 Apr 92 18:07:32 GMT
[For readers of comp.object and self-interest, BOS is a prototype-based
object system that I have, er, prototyped in Tcl. It is available via anon
FTP to monch.edrc.cmu.edu under /usr0/snl/archive/bos-1.2.tar.Z (you have to
cd to /usr0/snl/archive first and then get the file, due to CMU security hacks
in ftpd). I thought that this would be of interest to comp.object and
self-interest, so I'm cross-posting/mailing --S]
Note: I play very fast and loose with the terminology of OOP to get my
point across. I apologize if I offend any sensibilities, and will clarify what
I say if it is obfuscated by my use of terms.

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