Object-Orientation FAQ

30 Chambers' Thesis

What: SELF optimizing compiler and Thesis
From: chambers@cs.washington.edu (Craig Chambers)
Date: 9 May 92 22:00:53 GMT
My Ph.D. thesis, entitled "The Design and Implementation of the Self Compiler,
an Optimizing Compiler for Object-Oriented Programming Languages," is now
available as Stanford technical report number STAN-CS-92-1420.  Copies may be
ordered from Stanford.  Stanford requires $20 (plus tax for orders from within
California), in advance, for each copy.
The dissertation also is available in compressed postscript form.  The
electronic version may be copied via anonymous ftp from self.stanford.edu in
the directory pub/papers/chambers-thesis.  This version is free.  Note however
that the thesis is about 250 pages long.

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