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32 Law of Demeter

From: lieber@ccs.neu.edu (Karl Lieberherr)
Subject: Law of Demeter/Adaptive Software
Organization: College of CS, Northeastern University
Date: Fri, 4 Jun 1993 20:41:49 GMT
 Yes, the Law of Demeter paper is available in electronic form on the
 net. Indeed, many of the Demeter project papers are available from
 the ftp server at Northeastern University (see instructions below).
 The Law of Demeter idea has been automated in the Demeter Tools/C++
 as an adaptive software tool which automatically makes much of your C++ code
 compliant with the Law of Demeter. The tool is an add-on tool to
 your favorite C++ development environment and is commercially available
 from Demeter International. The Demeter Tools/C++ lift
 object-oriented programming to a higher level of abstraction
 by allowing the user to focus on the essential and
 stable classes. A paper on ADAPTIVE SOFTWARE will appear in
 the Communications of the ACM and is also available from the
 ftp server.
 For more information, use the ftp instructions below or call
Demeter International
56 Bennett Road
Marblehead, MA 01945
 phone: (617) 639 1544
 fax: (617) 373 5121
or send e-mail to demeter@ccs.neu.edu 
-- Karl Lieberherr
FTP instructions:
Some of our papers are available in one package by anonymous ftp from
ftp.ccs.neu.edu (
in directory pub/demeter/documents
Use the following command sequence to copy the Demeter papers:
% ftp ftp.ccs.neu.edu or
Name ( ... ): ftp
Password: your-email-address
ftp> cd pub/demeter/documents
ftp> ls
ftp> binary
ftp> get papers.tar.Z
ftp> quit
% uncompress papers.tar.Z
% tar xf papers.tar
If you want to copy individual papers and not all at once, go to
directory pub/demeter/documents/papers and retrieve them
Law of Demeter paper:
Adaptive Software papers:

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