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From: mario@cs.man.ac.uk (Mario Wolczko)
Subject: Re: OOPLs and Locality of Reference
Keywords: locality of reference
Date: 5 Jul 93 14:39:13 GMT
Organization: Dept Computer Science, University of Manchester, U.K.
The measurements done as part of the work here on the Mushroom project
show that temporal locality within Smalltalk objects is great (and
hence even conventional caches work reasonably well [unless the GC
scheme trashes the cache]), whereas spatial locality on a scale much
larger than the average object (which is 40 bytes) is much harder to
come by.
More details can be found in these papers (all available by ftp from
mushroom.cs.man.ac.uk in /pub/mushroom/papers):
    "Dynamic Grouping in an Object Oriented Virtual Memory Hierarchy"
    Ifor Williams, Mario Wolczko, Trevor Hopkins, Proc. ECOOP 87,
    Springer-Verlag LNCS 276, pp.79-88.
    "Realization of a Dynamically Grouped Object-Oriented Virtual
     Memory Hierarchy", Proceedings of the Workshop on Persistent Object
     Systems: Their Design, Implementation and Use, available as
     Persistent Programming Research Report PPRR-44-87, Universities
     of Glasgow and St. Andrews, Aug. 1987, pp.298--308.
    "An Object-Based Memory Architecture"
    Ifor Williams and Mario Wolczko, in Implementing Persistent Object
    Bases: Proc. Fourth International Workshop on Persistent Object Systems,
    Morgan Kaufmann, 1991, pp.114-130.
    The first three figures are in obma-fig[123].ps.Z.
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