Object-Orientation FAQ

47 Knowledge Media, Massive cd-rom, lots of freeware

A "Resource Library" of cd-rom discs .  CDs for language/OS, graphics, multi-
media, mega-media (3), and audio.  "Gathered from the resources of the
Internet, CompuServe, Genie, BIX, and other BBS's".  Some shareware.  Should be
available at your local software store.
From the back of the Languages CD:
  'Over 100 Languages'
This is the largest collection of compilers, interpreters, libraries, and
source code for standard and experimental computer languages and operating
systems ever assembled.  A must for anyone interested in computer programming,
this disc is just right for everyone, whether he or she is a researcher,
student, or an interested hobbist.
Knowledge Media Inc.
Paradise, CA  95969 USA

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