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48 u++, C++ Trans. and Concry RTS

From: nat@nataa.frmug.fr.net (Nat Makarevitch)
Subject: Re: 'Concurrent Objects' - Suggestions needed
Date: 10 Oct 1993 02:41:15 GMT
Organization: LIVIA
       u++ - uC++ Translator and Concurrency Runtime System
The u++ command introduces  a  translator  pass  over  the
specified source files after the C preprocessor and before
the actual C++ compilation.  The translator converts  sev-
eral  new  uC++  constructs  into C++ statements.  The u++
command also provides  the  runtime  concurrency library,
which must be linked with each uC++ application.
uC++:  Concurrency in the Object-Oriented Language C++, by
P.A.  Buhr,  G.  Ditchfield,  R.A.   Stroobosscher,   B.M.
Younger, C.R.  Zarnke;   Software-Practise and Experience,
22(2):137--172, February 1992.  This paper describes  uC++
v2.0, which has been significantly extended.
The  uC++  system is available via anonymous FTP
from watmsg.UWaterloo.ca:pub/uSystem.  A license agreement
is required to use uC++.

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