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From: wellerd@ajpo.sei.cmu.edu (David Weller)
Subject: Re: Slides on OOP or OMT wanted
Organization: Sigma Software Engineering, Inc.
Date: Fri, 5 Nov 1993 11:01:44 EST
In article <2bdot7$3nr@news-rocq.inria.fr> ziane@lolita.inria.fr (Mikal Ziane (Univ. Paris 5 and INRIA) ) writes:
>Hello netters,
>Is anybody aware of public domain slides available on an ftp site ?
>I'd like slides on OO programming or OO design methods (esp. OMT).
>I know I am crazy to ask for that but someone told me he saw
>a very good C++ course on some ftp site ! (he does not remember which one
It's true!  On WUArchive (wuarchive.wustl.edu) there is a series of
slides developed in Microsoft's PowerPoint.  The course material
includes lesson plans, tests, and workbooks, along with full notes
accompanying each slide.
There's one _little_ catch -- it's in the Public Ada Library.  Now,
the OOP course (there's three courses, one on OOD, OOP, and Software
Engineering) covers both C++ and Ada.  It was designed to let the
students work in both languages to get an objective opinion of the
pluses and minuses of each language (gee, what a concept!).
The OOD slides do NOT cover OMT.  Some material is used from Booch's
OOD book, but not the notation.  From looking at the slides, it appears
very easy to insert your own notation.  The important part for students
is communicating the concepts, which (for the price) these slides do
a DAMN good job of. <- (Safire's Violation #45: "A perposition is a
bad thing to end a sentence with." :-)
Ah, but WHERE on WUArchive are they?  If you look under
languages/ada/crsware, I believe you'll find them.  Good luck!
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