Object-Orientation FAQ

6 FMPL (prototyping)

What: Interpreter for FMPL of Accardi, Release 1
From: blojo@xcf.berkeley.edu (Jon Blow)
Date: 2 Jun 92 08:42:26 GMT
An interpreter for FMPL of Accardi, Release 1 is now available for ftp at
*FMPL is a prototype-based object-oriented programming language.
*FMPL possesses lambda-calculus based constructs.
*FMPL is an event-driven language; the events it responds to are mainly
based on the behavior of input/output streams, not only within the unix domain
but across the internet as well.
*FMPL supports "pretty"-printing of internally-represented code back into
readable form.
*FMPL is an experimental language developed at the Experimental Computing
Facility of the University of California, Berkeley.  This release is something
of a beta test since the language has not been widely used outside Berkeley.
It is hoped that this release will draw useful comments and suggestions from
the world at large that will help in improving future versions of FMPL.

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