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54 MindFrame for Windows

From: gcl@netcom.com (Geoff Lee)
Subject: "MindFrame for Windows" (freeware) application is available for ftp
Date: Tue, 16 Nov 1993 21:07:28 GMT
	MindFrame for Windows 1.0 Release Note
mndframe.zip (MindFrame for Windows) is available for anonymous ftp
on ftp.cica.indiana.edu. It is currently in /pub/pc/win3/uploads.
"MindFrame for Windows" is a freeware application developed to
teach an object modeling approach presented in the
book: "Object-Oriented GUI Application Development" Geoff Lee,
Prentice-Hall, 1993, ISBN 0-13-363086-2.
This application is useful in many other areas as well, for
example, in Bible studying (metaphors, parables, prophecies,
types), neural modeling, ecological modeling, and task modeling.
There are 20 sample applications covering these areas. There
are also description of each of the sample application in the
on-line Help. Read "About MindFrame..." help topic for more
This is a copyrighted software, but you can freely redistribute if
you keep the release intact.
The following is the content of mdnframe.txt file in the .zip file:
1. Installation Procedure:
   DOS> mkdir MndFrame
   DOS> cd MndFrame
   DOS> copy b:MndFrame.zip   (or where you kept the mndframe.zip file)
   DOS> unzip -d mndframe.zip  (extract files into subdirectories)
   DOS> copy grid.vbx \windows\systems (your local Windows system directory)
2. Running the application:
   . In Windows, open your "File Manager"
   . Go to \MndFrame directory
   . Find the MndFrame.exe file
   . Drag the MndFrame.exe file icon into a "Program Manager" window
   . Open the MndFrame.exe program
3. Sample applications:
   Once you are in the MindFrame application, open files in the
   \MndFrame\Samples subdirectories. There are 20 sample files organized
   according to areas of application (e.g., object modeling, neural
   modeling, bible studying). You can also find description of each of
   these samples in the On-Line Help file.
4. On-line help:
   Use the "About MindFrame..." menu item in the "Help" menu to learn more
   about this application. There is an on-line help provided for this
   application. Read through the help topics to learn about using this
5. Files in this release:
   mndframe.txt:this  file.
   mdnframe.exe:the  executable file of "MindFrame for Windows" freeware.
   mndframe.hlp:the  on-line help file for "MindFrame for Windows".
   biblnote.ps:the   PostScript file of help text on using this application
   	         to study metaphors, parables, types, and prophecies in the
   	         Holy Bible.
   grid.vbx:the      visual basic grid control that is necessary to run this
   	         application. It must be copied into your local "system"
   	         directory for Windows (\windows\system in most cases).
   samples\*:    in this directory, there are 20 samples (*.frm files) in
   	         the subdirectories for each application area
   	         (e.g., objmodel, ecology, neural, parable).
New MindFrame anonymous FTP Directory:
It has been moved to a more permanent directory: /pub/pc/win3/programr.

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