Object-Orientation FAQ


PostModern Computing is making its CORBA-compliant ORBeline product
available free of charge to the academic community for teaching and
research purposes.  ORBeline is available via anonymous ftp from
labrea.stanford.edu under pub/pomoco.
We are making the SunOS 4.x, Solaris 2.3, and OSF/1 versions of
ORBeline available.  We will consider making other platforms available
as well if there is enough interest.
Suresh Challa
PostModern Computing
What follows is the README file of this release: 
                    The SMART Object Request Broker
ORBeline is a complete implementation of OMG's Common Object Request
Broker Architecture (CORBA).  ORBeline goes beyond the standard
specification to provide a SMART communication framework allowing
you to easily develop large distributed applications that are robust,
scalable, flexible and maintainable.  ORBeline incorporates PostModern's
proven communication framework that links thousands of nodes.

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