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From: dcp@icd.teradyne.com (Dan Proskauer)
Subject: Re: Wanted: Data on McCabe and Halstead Comple
Organization: Teradyne, Inc. Boston MA
Date: Sat, 18 Dec 1993 20:58:33 GMT
	There is some publically available McCabe and Halstead analysis
software for C in gatekeeper.dec.com /pub/usenet/com.sources.unix/volume20/metrics.
I believe there is some explanation of the metrics along with it.  Some other
references are:
	The Art of Software Testing, Myers
	"An Internal Approach to Testing Horizontally Reusable
	 Software", Proceedings of the 5th Annual STC Conference, 93
		Goldfedder (Overall of where McCabe fits in to A testing

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