Object-Orientation FAQ

62 Amadeus, persistence

From: aoife@mordred.st.nepean.uws.edu.au (Aoife Cox)
Subject: Re: In Search of Persistence
Date: 14 Dec 1993 20:04:38 +1100
Organization: University of Western Sydney
>I have been searching the net trying to find any locations for papers about
>implementation of persistence object systems or about persistence and OOPL.  As
>yet, I have not found anything remotely related.
>Are there any ftp sites with such papers that someone can direct me to?
There should be some papers on the Amadeus system, developed by the
Distributed Systems Group at Trinity College, Dublin, ftp-able from
ftp.cs.tcd.ie. Look in the /pub/tcd/tech-reports directory....
Hope this helps.

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