Object-Orientation FAQ


ORBeline's SMART Agent dynamically tracks the communication taking place
between all objects and their clients:
   o Smart Binding and Protocol Selection
     ORBeline automatically picks the best communication mechanism as
     soon as you try to access an object.  If the object is in your process,
     it bypasses the ORB and the network altogether.  When the object is on
     a remote node, ORBeline's SMART and efficient on-the-wire protocol
     is selected.  When the object is implemented using another vendor's
     ORB, that vendor's on-the-wire protocol is used.
   o Built-in Fault Tolerance
     ORBeline's SMART Agent monitors communication between objects and their
     clients.  In case of a failure, the SMART agent and ORBeline cooperate
     to reestablish connections between processes or their replicas.
   o Dynamic Directory Service
     ORBeline's Dynamic Directory Service tracks all registered and active
     objects, providing a high degree of efficiency, total location
     transparency and easy administration.  There is no need for
     cumbersome configuration files, and no need for heavyweight object
     migration and replication mechanisms.
   o Platforms
     ORBeline runs on all classes of computers ranging from Cray
     supercomputers, to workstations, to personal computers and
     embedded systems.

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