Object-Orientation FAQ


   o High Performance and Low Overhead
     ORBeline provides high performance while adding little overhead
     to your application.  ORBeline is the only ORB product available
     on the market today suitable for running on real-time, embedded
   o Flexible and Easy to Use
     With ORBeline it is easy to develop, deploy and maintain large
     distributed applications.  ORBeline provides a high degree of
     flexibility and takes care of cumbersome details allowing
     developers to focus on their applications.
   o WAN Connectivity
     ORBeline uses PostModern's proven communication technology to
     connect wide area networks.
   o Scalability
     ORBeline's smart use of network resources and communication protocols
     allows applications to scale to networks of thousands of nodes.
   o Object Migration and Replication
     ORBeline's SMART agent and Dynamic Directory Service allow easy object
     migration and replication.

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