Object-Orientation FAQ

66 OO Designer CASE Tool

	   **************** Object Oriented Designer ***************
		    Prof. Taegyun Kim [ktg@taejo.pufs.ac.kr]
		      Pusan University of Foreign Studies
				  Pusan, Korea
			     Version : Version 1.3.1
			     Revised : October 6 1994
Let me introduce myself. I am an assistant professor working at Department of
Computer Engineering in Pusan University of Foreign Studies which resides in
Pusan, Korea. My major interest is in software engineering especially in the
area of object oriented methodologies. In teaching courses in systems analysis
and software engineering I found a need for a good case tool that could be used
by my students. Unfortunately, commercial case tools are too expensive for a
university to purchase so I developed OOD. I have spent 17 man months building
OOD. Because this is my first project combining object oriented methods, Motif,
and C++, some of the source code may be a little clumsy. However, it does work
well and it is still evolving.  This project is very hard but is also very
interesting. Let's enjoy it together.
P.S.: I am anxious for your criticism or comment on this product. So, if it
works on your system, please respond to me with even a one line (very short)
message.  It will give me some encouragement. Moreover please inform me your
status (student, professor etc.) if possible.
-Taegyun Kim
		     --------------- Contents --------------
                     0. Summary
                     1. System Environment
                     2. Building OOD
                     3. Initializing the Working Environment
                     4. Functions
                     5. Examples
                     6. Reference Books
                     7. Cautions
                     8. FAQ

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