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From: axb@defender.dcrl.nd.edu (Arindam Banerji)
Newsgroups: comp.object
Subject: The Paper Trail database
Date: 21 Sep 1994 14:39:20 GMT
Organization: University of Notre Dame
The "Paper Trail" - an experimental database of ftp'able OS papers
is now available through http://pclsys64.dcrl.nd.edu/papers. This
database allows users to find and access papers that are available for
ftp on the internet. We have initially populated this database with
about 5500 entries. Most of these entries reflect our own area of
interest, that is Operating Systems and related areas. We'll add
entries to the database from time to time. However, it'll probably
be very difficult to keep this up-to-date without help from other
users of this database. Hence, the database provides any user the added
facility to submit entries.
We hope that the xmosaic interface to this database is intuitive and
simple. If you have any suggestions and criticisms, please do let us
know - including how this compares with other such services.  
Arindam Banerji                             Michael Casey
		    384 FitzPatrick Hall
	       Dept. of Computer Science and Engineering
		  University of Notre Dame
(219)-631-5772    Notre Dame, IN 46556       (219)-631-5273
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