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70 CooL-SPE

From: Gerhard.Mueller@sietec.de (Dr. Gerhard Müller)
Subject: Announcement of the CooL Software Production Environment
Date: Tue, 25 Oct 1994 11:42:28 UNDEFINED
Organization: Sietec Systemtechnik
The CooL-Software Production Environment - a new object-
oriented development environment in Public Domain
The CooL-SPE is a modern software production environment
for the development of object-oriented application systems
supporting grafical user interfaces and relational database
technology. In the landscape of existing software production
technologies the CooL-SPE is more closely settled to 4GL
environments than to the usual C++ environments, mostly
more dedicated to system programming. The CooL-SPE was
developed by Siemens Nixdorf Informationssysteme (SNI)
within the ESPRIT project ITHHACA and is used since in a
number of large projects.
Allthough the CooL-SPE as a programming environment is
functional quite rich, it is also very lean and thus comparable
fast to learn and reliable tu use. In one project, which we sup-
ported recently, we could learn that newly assigned engineers
to a fairly large project (400 classes with some 100.000 lines
of code) were able to learn the environment, to understand the
application and to become productive within a month - and
that without any practical experience on object-oriented pro-
gramming before.
The system has product quality and is implemented in major
parts in itself.
The CooL-SPE is available for Linux 1.0.1, Solaris 2.3 and
SINIX 5.41. You may receive the system (sources and docu-
mentation) via ftp.fu-berlin.de in the directoy /pub/unix/lan-
guages/cool.The file itself is named cool-2.1.tar.Z.

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