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72 Quality

From: melo@umiacs.UMD.EDU (Walcelio Melo)
To: drenth@tpd.tno.nl
Cc: ami@aut.alcatel.at
Subject: Quality Research
Paper on these topics can be found by anymous
ftp at: ftp.cs.umd.edu:pub/sel/papers
- what quality aspects (of the process and the product) are measured and
when are they measured (early on in the development process or merely in
the testing phase);
- what metrics are used to measure quality aspects (f.e. Lines Of Code,
number of Function Points, complexity);
- are the measurement results used for prediction of the quality of the
final product;
- are the measurement results used for process improvement;
- what methods for process assessment (and improvement) are used (f.e. CMM,
Bootstrap, AMI);
- are there certificates (f.e. ISO);
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