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81 Java (Distr Prog)

This recent article discusses and quotes Java.
From: Greg Wilkins <gregw>
Newsgroups: comp.object
Subject: Java vs. C++
Date: 25 May 1995 03:42:36 GMT
Organization: Telstra Corporation
I have been reading about the Java language from Sun Labs:
The way I use C++ looks like it would transfer to Java
very easily, giving me access to the featurs of C++ I
like, without the danger of the many extra C++ "features."
I'm interested in hearing opinions on Java from the many
posters that dislike C++.   While the chances of a new
language taking off are very very slim, looking at
languages like Java are good ways of refining the way
we learn/teach/review/use languages like C++.
Just to steal a bit of the Java doco:
     Java: A simple, object-oriented, distributed,
           interpreted, robust, secure, architecture neutral,
           portable, high-performance, multithreaded,
           and dynamic language.
We wanted to build a system that could be programmed easily without a lot of
esoteric training and which leveraged today's standard practice.
Most programmers working these days use C, and most programmers doing
object-oriented programming use C++. So even though we found
that C++ was unsuitable, we designed Java as closely to C++ as possible in
order to make the system more comprehensible.

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