Object-Orientation FAQ


From: fcoallie@qc.bell.ca (Francois Coallier)
To: ami@aut.alcatel.at
Subject: TRILLIUM Release 3.0 available.
Dear Colleagues,
The release 3.0 of the TRILLIUM Model is now available
through the Internet.
The TRILLIUM model is a software product development and
support capablity model based on the SEI's Capability
Maturity Model (CMM).
TRILLIUM differs from the CMM in its roadmap structure and
its product and customer focus.
This release of TRILLIUM is substancially different from
   1) The introductory chapters explaining the model and its
      application have been extensively rewritten and expanded.
   2) Practices are updated to provide 100% coverage of the CMMM
      version 1.1, ISO 9001:1994 and ISO 9000-3, and Bellcore TR-
   3) Traceability tables to external source documents are
      generated automatically.  The verification of all references
      is thorough.
   4) The glossary has been updated.
The TRILLIUM model is in the public domain.  Copies (as a series of
uuencoded Poscript files) are distributed freely through the Internet.
To receive your copy via E-Mail, all you have to do is to send me a
request with your complete coordinates.
Bounded hard copies are available from the Bell Canada Acquisitions
department.  Pricing and shipping information are available on
request (Sorry: this is purely for budgetary reasons).
Francois Coallier
Francois Coallier
Bell Canada,                      TEL:     +1 (514) 448-5100
2265 Roland Therrien              FAX:     +1 (514) 448-2090
Longueuil, Quebec                       or +1 (514) 647-3163
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