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From: jdean@pysht.cs.washington.edu (Jeffrey Dean)
Subject: Re: Cecil
Organization: University of Washington
Date: Fri, 18 Nov 1994 10:18:54 GMT
In article <1707013D67.UDIS2@earn.cvut.cs>, UDIS2@earn.cvut.cz writes:
|> Where can I find info about Cecil language?
|> Thanks,
|> Peter P.B.
Cecil is a new purely object-oriented language intended to support
rapid construction of high-quality, extensible software. Cecil
combines multi-methods with a classless object model, object-based
encapsulation, and optional static type checking.
Ongoing research in the Cecil project is in two major areas: language
design issues and type systems for languages like Cecil, and
implementation research on making languages like Cecil run faster.
Ongoing research in the Cecil project is in two major areas: language
design and object-oriented language implementation.  Our language
design research addresses modules and typechecking for multi-method
based languages, and language mechanisms for implicit object
classification.  Our implementation research is exploring a variety of
optimization techniques for object-oriented languages, including
profile-guided type feedback, whole program analysis, specialization,
and interprocedural type inference algorithms.
Further information about Cecil is available from our WWW site:
Papers about Cecil are also available via anonymous ftp from cs.washington.edu
in the directory /pub/chambers.  See the README file in that directory for a
description of the available papers.
Check out our WWW site: we'd appreciate any feedback people might have.
Producing readable, on-line text versions is difficult, because the
papers contain embedded figures and formatted text.  Many of the
papers are available as UW CSE Technical reports, however.  Full
details can be via anonymous ftp in:
Hard-copies of the technical reports may also be requested via
electronic mail. Send email to: tr-request@cs.washington.edu. Orders
will be filled via surface mail, subject to availability. Please be
sure to include a complete snail-mail address with your request.
As for the compiler, we plan to have an initial release to "friendly,
interested parties" sometime in the first half of 1995.  The release
will include full source code for the compiler (currently about 45,000
lines of Cecil code), and will include both a C-code based back end
(for portability) and a native Sparc back end.
We're maintaining a list of people who are interested in this initial
release.  If you would like to be added to this list, send e-mail to
me (jdean@cs.washington.edu).
-- Jeff
Jeffrey Dean (jdean@cs.washington.edu)      Cecil Project Graduate Student
Dept. of Computer Science & Engineering           University of Washington

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