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79 C++ Std Temp. Lib

From: khan@xraylith.wisc.edu (Mumit Khan)
Newsgroups: comp.object
Subject: Re: C++ Collection Classes
Date: 25 May 1995 01:38:05 GMT
The C++ standard draft includes the spec for Standard Template Library
(STL) which gets you pretty much any collection you need in C++. Check
out the C++ faq (somewhere under ftp://rtfm.mit.edu/...) for where to
find it. If you're using GNU C++ 2.6.3 (or a more recent snapshot), the
hacked version of STL that comes with libg++-2.6.2 (or w/today's 2.6.9
snapshot) is quite usable. ObjectSpace and Modena are two vendors selling
STL implementations that cover a wide variety of compiler/platform combos
(info@objectspace.com, 1-800-MODENA-1 for more info). Also welcome to
take a look at my STL newbie file (http://www.xraylith.wisc.edu/~khan/
and follow the 'STL Newbie doc' link). If you're using Borland 4.5 on a
PC, you can use the HP implementation from ftp://butler.hpl.hp.com/stl.
Here's a snippet from FAQ:
STL HP official site:	ftp://butler.hpl.hp.com/stl
STL code alternate:	ftp://ftp.cs.rpi.edu/stl
STL code + examples:	http://www.cs.rpi.edu/~musser/stl.html
hacks for GCC-2.6.3:	ftp://ftp.uni-bremen.de/pub/.mount/ruin/C++/STL 
btw, c.l.c++ is the group you should watch for this type of info.
mumit -- khan@xraylith.wisc.edu

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