Object-Orientation FAQ


  OOPSLA - Association For Computing Machinery's yearly conference on Object-
    Oriented Programming Systems, Languages, and Applications.
    Order Dept.
    Jacob Way
    Reading, MA 01867
    (800) 447-2226
  ACM OO Messenger    - Quarterly on Object-Oriented Languages and Systems
  ACM SigPlan Notices - Special Interest Group on Programming Languages
    Publications Office
    ACM, 1515 Broadway
    NY, NY 10056
    (212)869-7440, FAX: (212)869-0481
  Additional information can be obtained from ACMpubs@acm.org.
American Programmer (Yourdon's Newsletter)
Monthly Newsletter on Software Engineering including quality, the CMM, object-
oriented technology, and etc.  $395/year.  Send for complementary copy.
  American Programmer, Inc.
  Dept. 13
  161 West 86th Street
  New York, NY  10024-3411
CASE Trends Magazine
Sorry, still no reference.
The Coad Letter
From Peter Coad (pronounced "Code"), of Coad/Yourdon OOA/D fame.
  Object International, Inc.
  3202 W. Anderson Lane, Suite 208-724
  Austin, TX  78757-1022
  Tel: 800-926-9306, 512-795-0202
  Fax: 512-795-0332
The C+@ Quarterly
On the C+@ language (pronounced "Cat").
Unir Technology, Inc.
184 E. Shuman Blvd.
Naperville, IL 60563
DE FACTO - The ami Newsletter
Reports on the progress of ami (application of metrics in industry).
  ami User Group
  Centre for Systems and Software Engineering
  South Bank University
  103 Borough Road, London SE1 OAA
  Phone: +44 71 815 7504
  Fax:   +44 71 928 1284
Eiffel Outlook
*Eiffel's clear and powerful OO software engineering framework has strongly
 influenced the object industry.  For four years, the independent editors of
 Eiffel Outlook have delivered news, reviews, and technical information about
 Eiffel and Eiffel standards.  Articles from Eiffel and OO experts provide
 methods, strategies, and principles that you can apply on any OO project.
*Free sample copies available.
Eiffel Outlook
1501 West Koenig Lane
Austin, Texas 78756   USA
TEL: 800 285 5124 or 512 452 9455
FAX: 512 452 1721
email: tower@twr.com
The Guerilla Programmer
For the practicing professional programmer.
  New, by Ed Yourdon.
  Phone:  800-964-8702 or 617-648-9702
  Fax:    800-888-1816 or 617-648-1950
Free, electronic newsletter features article summaries on new generation
computer and communications technologies from over 100 trade magazines
and research journals; key U.S. & international daily newspapers, news
weeklies, and business magazines; and, over 100 Internet mailing lists &
USENET groups.  Each monthly issue includes listings of forthcoming &
recently published technical books and forthcoming shows & conferences.
Bonus: Exclusive interviews with technology pioneers.  E-mail
subscription requests to: listserv@ucsd.edu  (Leave the "Subject" line
blank.)  In the body of the message, type: SUBSCRIBE HOTT-LIST (do not
include first or last names).  For a person: hott-list-relay@ucsd.com.
Object-Oriented Systems (New)
EMail: journal@chall.mhs.compuserve.com
http://www.cs.ucl.ac.uk/coside/oos/index.html  (new)
    Russel Winder <R.Winder@cs.ucl.ac.uk>
  Journals Promotion Dept., Chapman & Hall, 29 West 35th
  Street, New York, NY 20001-2299, USA.
  Tel: (212) 244 3336
  Fax: (212) 244 3426
  EMail: 71201.1651@compuserve.com
  Journals Promotions Dept., Chapman & Hall, 2-6 Boundary Row, London
  SE1 8HN, UK.
  Tel: +44 (0)71 865 0066
  Fax: +44 (0)71 522 9623
SIGS Publications (9/yr)
These publications have staff writers from among the most popular OO authors
and methodologists.
  Object Magazine        - Manager's Guide to Object Technology        $39
  Journal of Object-Oriented Programming - For Progs/Devls using OO    $59
  C++ Report             - Get most out of C++                         $69
  The Smalltalk Report   - How-To Advice for Smalltalk Users           $79
  Report on Object Analysis and Design - Lang Ind/Arch on OOA/D/Mdling $99
  SIGS Publications, Inc.
  P.O. Box 2027
  Langhorne, PA 19047
  Fax:   215-785-6073
  Phone: 215-785-5996

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