Object-Orientation FAQ


A new C++ libraries FAQ is posted monthly to comp.lang.c++ and should be on
rtfm soon.  Contact cpplibs@trmphrst.demon.co.uk.  It contains anonymous ftp
sites and commercial libraries and may be merged with this FAQ eventually.
This is a new APPENDIX and sending in new entries is strongly encouraged by
both vendors and customers.
    tool name
    *description and methods
    *operating systems
    Vendor name,
    city/state, phone (if known)
Great Circle
*First real commercial Automatic Memory Mgmt System for C and C++.
*Garbage collection obviates need for free and delete.
*Eliminates leaks and premature frees in existing programs
 and libraries without programmer intervention.
*Contains transparent (only linking required) and smart-pointer GC interfaces.
*Supports unions, polymorphism, multiple inheritance, arrays,
 exceptions, real-time operation, multi-threading, and provides metrics.
*Provides both conservative and treadmill collection.
*OS: DOS, Extended DOS, Windows, NT, Unix, OS/2.
*Compilers: Borland, CenterLine, Cfront, g++, MetaWare, Microsoft, SparcWorks.
*Price: PC: $300-500, WorkStation: $700-1100, Compiler/OS ind. C++ source avail.
Geodesic Systems, Inc.
4745 N. Ravenswood Avenue, Suite 111
Chicago, IL  60640
Tel:   800-360-8388
Fax:   312-728-6096
email: sales@geodesic.com, info@geodesic.com
www:   http://www.geodesic.com
*Award-winning C++ Dynamic Visualization System.
*Parses (symbol-rich) C++ executables and animates dynamic object diagrams of
 executing applications, exposing vital object-level interactions.
OS:	   Unix (SunOS;Solaris;AIX); Windows; NT
Compilers: Borland;Microsoft; SPARCWorks; CenterLine; Gnu; Lucid (SunOS only)
Objective Software Technology
tel:	+44 (0) 1506 472217
fax:	+44 (0) 1506 472219
email: info@ost.co.uk
www:   http://www.scotnet.co.uk/ost/
Tools.h++, Canvas.h++, DBTools.h++ Heap.h++, Math.h++, Money.h++, View.h++, etc.
C++ libraries for containers and more
Rogue Wave Software, Inc.
260 SW Madison Ave.
P.O Box 2328
Corvallis, OR 97339 USA
Ph:    800-487-3217
Fax:   503-757-6650
email: sales@roguewave.com
www:   http://www.roguewave.com
C++ Booch Components
1-800-767-3237 ext. 23
Zapp Portable C++ Application Framework
*multi-platform object-oriented windowing libraries.
Inmark Development Corporation
2065 Landings Drive
Mountain View, CA 94043
ph:  415-691-9000
fax: 415-691-9099
bbs: 415-691-9990
Zinc Application Framework
*multi-platform object-oriented windowing libraries.
Zinc Software Incorporated
405 S. 100 East, @nd Floor
Pleasant Grove, UT 84062
ph:        801-785-8900
tech supp: 801-785-8998
Fax:       801-785-8996
info@zinc.com, tech@zinc.com

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