Object-Orientation FAQ

3.13) What Is The MVC Framework?

MVC stands for Model-View-Controller.  This framework was originally adopted
in Smalltalk to support Graphical User Interfaces.  Views support graphical
interfacing, controllers handle interaction, and models are the application
objects.  See [Krasner 88] and [LaLonde 90b].
From: Carl Petter Swensson <cepe@taskon.no>
  Prof. Trygve Reenskaug is generally cited as being the creator of
  the MVC concept. He worked with the Smalltalk group at Xerox PARC
  as a visiting scientist in 78/79. During this stay at Xerox PARC
  he developed the MVC. I know him well and have talked to him about
  this. He confirms it, although stating that it was a collaborative
  effort at Xerox PARC.
  The implementation of MVC in Smalltalk-80 has since been further
  developed by ParcPlace Systems.
  He has worked with Smalltalk in a commercial and research
  environments since then. His group at the Centre for Industral
  Research in Oslo (now part of the SINTEF group) had the only
  Smalltalk-78 implementation outside Xerox PARC.  He is now working
  with Taskon AS.
  The ideas that initially gave MVC has been developed further and
  is the basis of the work Trygve is currently doing on the
  OOram methodology.

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