Object-Orientation FAQ

3.8.5 Implementations (Brief)

> DEC ObjectBroker Version 2.5  (Version 2.1 was ACA)
  Full implementation of OMG CORBA 1.1.  Digital's ObjectBroker is a 100 %
  compliant implementation of CORBA and is available on these  platforms:
  IBM AIX, IBM MVS(port in progress), HP-UX, Macintosh, MS-Windows 3.1, NT,
  OSF/1, SunOS, ULTRIX, Digital  VAX/VMS, Digital OpenVMS
  Andrew Comas
  comas@nyo.dec.com  (212) 856-2507
  Digital Equipment Corporation.
  110 Spit Brook Road
  Nashua, New Hampshire  03062-2698
> HP ORB Plus and HP Distributed Smalltalk
   Full implementation of the OMG CORBA 1.1 Object Request Broker. Also DOMF.
   Distributed Computing Group
   19447 Pruneridge Avenue
   Cupertino, CA 95014-9974 (USA)
   Ian Fuller ian@cup.hp.com (408) 447-4722
> HyperDesk (Westborough MA) HD-DOMS, rich_fraser@hyperdesk.com
   Runs on SPARC, HP/UX, IBM RS-6000, Data General Aviion, MS-Windows (client
   API only), NetWare (planned, Novell owns part of HyperDesk).
> IBM SOM (System Object Model)
   Available on AIX and OS/2.  See Distributed Computing Monitor, March 93 for
   a detailed review.
> ILU (free, see APPENDIX E entry 59)
   Object RPC compatible with OMG CORBA 1.2 spec (will compile OMG IDL and
   generate OMG compliant code for OMG-specified languages).
> IONA Technologies, Dublin Orbix, info@iona.ie
  First full and complete implementation of OMG's CORBA.
> NCR 'Cooperative Frameworks' -- a Distributed Object Foundation
  (1) C++ ORB toolkit consisting of over 300 C++ classes and runtime libraries
  (2) CORBA 1.1 toolkit
> ORBELINE - The SMART Object Request Broker - PostModern Computing
  Complete implementation of CORBA.  Free academic; com. eval licence avail.
  SunOS 4.x, Solaris 2.3, and OSF/1 versions of ORBeline available; will
  consider making other platforms available if enough interest. See Appendix E.
  Implements ORB spec, DOS/Windows 3.1, 12 user license: $99.
  Ref: Datamation, LOOK AHEAD Section, August 1.  German Company.
> Object Oriented Technologies (SuiteDOME)
    runs on VAX/VMS, Unix, PC

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