Object-Orientation FAQ


From: rcbc@cs.cornell.edu (Robert Cooper)
Subject: Re: DCE vs. CORBA
Reply-To: rcbc@isis.com
Product: Isis Reliable Distributed Object Manager(tm) (RDOM)
Company: Isis Distributed Systems, Inc., Ithaca NY, USA.
Isis RDOM(tm) is a fault tolerant distributed ORB platform for reliable
multi-lingual object-oriented applications. RDOM provides an "object group"
paradigm for constructing complex applications out of collections of
cooperating objects. RDOM is built on top of the Isis Distributed
Toolkit(tm). RDOM provides interfaces from Smalltalk (Parcplace),
Objective-C, and C++, and runs on most Unix workstations. RDOM is currently
not CORBA compliant, but will be brought to compliance during 3Q93.
RDOM has been at beta test sites since January. General release of
the Smalltalk and Objective-C language interfaces is expected in June.
The C++ interface in August. Customers include AMD, Consilium and Swiss
Bank Corp).  

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