Object-Orientation FAQ


The full Orbix availability and release schedule looks like:
Operating System	C++ Compiler		Release
SunOS 4.1             SPARCompiler 2.1    NOW
SunOS 4.1             SPARCompiler 3.0.2  NOW
SunOS 4.1             Lucid 3.1           NOW
SunOS 4.1             GNU 2.5.8           NOW
Solaris 2.x           SPARCompiler 3.0.2  NOW
Solaris 2.x           SPARCompiler 4.0    NOW
Solaris 2.x           GNU 2.5.7           NOW
IRIX 4.0.5H           Native              NOW
IRIX 5.x              Native              NOW
HP-UX                 Native              NOW
Microsoft Windows NT  Visual C++          NOW
Microsoft Windows NT  Borland             NOW
Microsoft Windows 3.1 Visual C++          In Beta
IBM AIX               C Set++             4th Qtr
OSF/1                 DEC C++             4th Qtr
SCO                   Native              4th Qtr
UnixWare              Computer Innovations 4th Qtr
Ultrix                DEC C++             4th Qtr
Release of Orbix on OS/2 is also imminent.

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