Object-Orientation FAQ

OTGen (Carnegie Mellon University/UMass Amherst)

OTGen is a design for a system to support schema evolution in
object-oriented databases.  The chief contribution of OTGen is support
for programmer extensibility of transformation functions to allow a
system to support a wide range of schema changes, not just those that
can be easily automated.  While OTGen was never implemented, it is
based on the implementation of TransformGen, a system to support the
evolution of the specialized databases used by Gandalf programming
environments.  For more information on OTGen and TransformGen, please
Barbara Staudt Lerner and A. Nico Habermann, "Beyond Schema Evolution
    to Database Reorganization", in Proceedings of the Joint ACM
    OOPSLA/ECOOP '90 Conference on Object-Oriented Programming:
    Systems, Languages, and Applications, Ottawa, Canada, October
    1990, 67-76. 
Barbara Staudt, Charles Krueger, and David Garlan, TransformGen:
    Automating the Maintenance of Structure-Oriented Environments,
    Computer Science Department Carnegie-Mellon University, Technical
    Report CMU-CS-88-186, November 1988.
David Garlan, Charles W. Krueger, and Barbara J. Staudt, "A Structural
    Approach to the Maintenance of Structure-Oriented Environments",
    in Proceedings of the ACM SIGSOFT/SIGPLAN Software Engineering
    Symposium on Practical Software Development Environments, Palo
    Alto, California, December 1986, 160-170.
Barbara Lerner

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