Object-Orientation FAQ

ArtBASE (Object-Oriented Data Model)

by:     ArtInAppleS Ltd.
        Kremelska 13
        845 03 Bratislava
        Phone: x42-7-362-889
        fax:   x42-7-777 779
        EMail: artbase.support@artinapples.cs
Distributor for Germany:
        ARS NOVA Software GmbH
        Stettener Strasse 32/3
        73732 Esslingen a.N.
        Phone: x49-711 3704001
        Fax:   x49-711 3704001
        EMail: info@arsnova.stgt.sub.org
Languages: Objectworks\Smalltalk by ParcPlace Systems, Inc.
Platforms: Unix, PC Windows, Macintosh
- Fully implemented in Objectworks\Smalltalk
  (ArtBASE is delivered with source code)
- ArtBASE extents Smalltalk of persistency. Persistent objects are handled the
  same way as transient objects.
- Optimistic and pessimistic concurrency control.
- Transactions, including long lived transactions
- User concept with access restrictions
- storing of classes and methods in the database - entire applications
  may be stored in an ArtBASE database, including the data AND the
  application classes
- Currently, a single user version is available. The Distributed Multi User Server Version
  will be presented at the OOPSLA'93 at Washington D.C. in September 1993 for Unix
  environments and PCs.
- Existing applications can be turned to database applications very easily using ArtBASE

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