Object-Orientation FAQ

EasyDB (Objective Systems, Sweden)

EasyDB features a (programming language independent) Data Definition
Language (DDL) for the definition of schemas.  It relies on the
Entity-Attribute-Relationship model.  Data Manipulation Languages
(DML) include a Navigational Query language (NQL) embedded in a host
language (C available now, Ada in January '93), and a generic C++
class library.
On Schema Evolution (from original survey):
The schema may be freely extended with new items (types, domains,
attributes, entities, relationships etc.). Deletion of items is not
Data created with an older schema may co-exist with newer data. Old
applications need not be recompiled when the schema is updated.
Attempts by newer applications to access `older' data in an
inconsistent way are detected and reported via an exception handling
[Tomas Lundstrom <tomas@os.se>]
Objective Systems SF AB (Ericsson)
Box 1128
S-164 22 Kista, Sweden
tel : +46-8-703-4591
fax : +46-8-750-8056
contact: Jaan Habma, jaan@os.se

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