Object-Orientation FAQ

ObjectStore Object Database System From Object Design, Inc.

Product Description	
ObjectStore[TM] is a high performance ODBMS designed for ease of use in
development of sophisticated applications using object-oriented
development techniques.  It offers a tightly-integrated language
interface to a complete set of traditional DBMS features including
persistence, transaction management (concurrency control and
recovery), distributed access, associative queries over large amounts
of data, and database administration utilities.  ObjectStore's data
management facilities combined with popular development tools create a
high productivity development environment for implementing
object-oriented applications.
Key Features:
   - Transparent interface designed for popular C and C++ programming
   - Concurrent access to large amounts of persistent data. 
   - Distribution of objects over networks using a variety of popular
     network protocols.
   - Access to persistent data at the same speed as transient data.
   - Extensible data modeling capabilities for applications requiring
     complex data structures.
   - Easy migration path for existing C and C++ applications.
   - Class libraries for version and configuration management.
   - Class libraries for managing collections of objects.
   - A fully distributed (multi-server/multi-database) ad hoc query
   - An interactive Browser to inspect objects and object
   - Interoperable with ObjectStore servers running on other operating
     systems and hardware environments.
   - Complete schema evolution for an application's metadata and
     existing object instances.
   - Full online backup for continuous processing environments.
   - Meta object protocol with programmatic access to schema
   - Dynamic Type creation for extending existing class definitions
     during program execution.
System View
ObjectStore supports cooperative access through its flexible
client/server software architecture, which allows users to make the
take advantage of the computational power that exists on the desktop.
ObjectStore's client/server implementation allows one server to
support many client workstations, each workstation to simultaneously
access multiple databases on many servers, and a server to be resident
on the same machine as a client.  ObjectStore's distributed
architecture supports several network environments for
interoperability among popular workstations and PC's and includes
support for TCP/IP, Novell IPX/SPX, other popular network protocols.
Application Interface
Access to ObjectStore is provided through a library based application
interface compatible with popular C and C++ compilers and programming
environments.  The ObjectStore application interface provides support
for C++ compilers -- such as those from workstation suppliers -- and
development environments from independent software vendors such as
Visual C++ from Microsoft, ObjectCenter from CenterLine Software, Inc.
and Energize from Lucid, Inc.  The application interface provides
powerful high-level function calls which enable the programmer to
create multi-user application which share large amounts of data.
These functions include:
   - Relationship Management
   - Version Management
   - Collection Management
   - Storage Management
   - Associative Queries
   - Object Iteration
   - Transaction Management
   - Index Management
   - Clustering
Applications developed using ObjectStore library calls are
source-level compatible with ObjectStore applications developed for
other operating systems on other hardware platforms.
ObjectStore is available on the following major platforms:
Unix Workstation Platforms
   - DEC MIPS Ultrix
   - HP 700 Series HP-UX
   - HP 800 Series HP-UX
   - IBM RS/6000 AIX
   - NCR 3000
   - Olivetti LSX-50xx SVR4
   - Silicon Graphics IRIX 5.x
   - SunSoft Intel Solaris 2
   - SunSoft SPARC Solaris 1 SunOS 4
   - SunSoft SPARC Solaris 2 SunOS 5
   - Univel UnixWare
PC Platforms
   - Windows 3.1 (Win32s)
   - Windows NT (Intel)
   - OS/2 Release 2.0 and 2.1
   - Novell Netware Release 3.1 and 4.0 (server only)
The Company
ObjectStore[TM], Object Design's object-oriented database management
system, is currently used by more than 500 companies.  The company
targets end-user customers in major corporations and governments
through its direct sales force, and also focuses on independent
software developers, systems integrators and international
distributors to license its products.  In the systems software market,
Object Design has already licensed object storage technology to
SunSoft that will be embedded in the Solaris(r) (Project DOE)
environment.  Through this relationship Hewlett Packard also has rights
to the technology for use in HP/UX(r) (DOMF).
In April 1993, IBM Corporation became one of the company's leading
investors as part of a far-reaching strategic relationship involving
an equity investment, internal use and joint development agreements.
Object Design's Support Services group provides extensive support
services tailored to meet each customer's specific needs.  A regularly
scheduled series of training courses are offered, either at Object
Design facilities across North America, select international locations
or at customer sites, that reduce the learning curve for
object-oriented development.  The training courses include
"Introduction to Object-Oriented Programming and C++," "Designing
Object-Oriented Database Applications" and "Building High Performance
Applications with ObjectStore."  To further assist its customers,
Object Design makes its team of experts available to provide a wide
range of training, support and consulting services.
The company distributes its products through a direct sales and
telesales force in the North America, wholly-owned subsidiaries in
Australia (61-2-212-2766), Germany (49-611-39707-0), Japan
(81-3-3251-2882), and the United Kingdom (44-793-486111) as well as
through distributors in 15 countries.
The US headquarters are located in Burlington, Mass., the company
maintains regional or district offices in Atlanta; Chicago; Los
Angeles; New York; Portland; San Mateo, Calif.; and Washington, DC.
You may obtain information about ObjectStore or Object Design by any
of the following methods:
	Object Design, Inc.
	25 Burlington Mall Road
	Burlington, MA 01803
	Call toll-free 1-800-962-9620 in the USA or 617-674-5000 and
	ask for telemarketing.
	Send email requests to info@odi.com.
	You can also download public information from our ftp server,
	ftp.odi.com (  Login as "anonymous", and use your
	mail address (username@site) as your password.  Major files of
	interest include:
	/pub/docs/techsum-net.ps    Technical Summary (postscript)
	/pub/docs/techsum.net	    Technical Summary (FrameMaker)
	/pub/oo7/results.ps	    OO7 Benchmark Results (postscript)
	GO ODIFORUM, section 1.
International distributors contact information follows:
Patzschke + Rasp
Software und Systeme
Bierstadter StraBe 7
D-65189 Wiesbaden Germany
011-49-611-17-3131 FAX
Diseno y Metodologia, SA
Francisco Gervas, 17, 5.0 G
Madrid, Spain 28020011-34-1-571-3123 or 571-3880
011-34-1-571-3942 FAX
Box 4150
S-203 12 Malmo
011-46-40-230240 FAX
UNISYS (Schweiz) AG
Zucherstrasse 59-61
A-8800 Thalwill
011-411-720-3737 FAX
AIS S.p.a.
Via Rombon, 11-20134
Milano, Italy
011-39-2 2641-0744 FAX
Beit-Oved 76800
011-972-840-6927 FAX
Mitsui Engineering & Shipbuilding Co., Ltd.(MES)
6-4 ,Tsukiji 5-chome
Chuo-ku,Tokyo, 104
Stan Systems Corporation
Sumitomo Higashi Shinbashi Bldg.
1-1-11 Hamamatsucho
Minato-Ku, Tokyo 105 Japan
011-81-3-5472-5544 FAX
System Network Corporation:
Tohto Bldg. 6F
5-1-4 Toranomon, Minato-ku,
Tokyo  105 Japan
Phone#:   +81-3-3437-4081
Fax#:       +81-3-3437-4060
Toyo Information Systems Co.,Ltd.
Nihonbashi Toyo Bldg. 4F
2-7-24 Nihonbashi
Chuo-Ku, Tokyo 103 Japan
011-81-3-3271-7685 FAX
Exartech International Corp
10F, 82, Chung-Cheng S. RD.
Sanchung, Taipei, Taiwan, ROC
011-886-2-977-6829 FAX
Realtime Computer Services (Pty) Ltd.
4th Floor, 35 Wale Street
Cape Town 8001
South Africa
011 27 21 24 4350
011 27 21 221507 FAX
> Ontos [formerly VBase] (Ontologic)
Entry on schema evolution only:
*Ontos provides schema evolution. It allows any class to be modified.
*The major drawback is that data does not migrate ie., instances are
*not modified to adopt to the new class definition. So schema changes
*can be done only on classes that do not contain instances and do not
*have sub classes that contain instances.
*As a system for experiments, we are currently using ONTOS from
*Ontologic Inc.  Unfortunately, there is no transparent concept of
*schema evolution for populated database. Thus, we still investigate
*how it works.
ONTOS has a version of ONTOS for OS/2.  Approximately $11K. Others I don't know

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