Object-Orientation FAQ

POET <Persistent Objects and Extended Database Technology> (BKS Software)

C++ Language Support
o    tight semantic integration with C++
o    any C++ object or structure can be made persistent by adding the
     persistent keyword
o    storing and reading a C++ object does not change its state or behavior
o    full support for C++ encapsulation, object identity,  inheritance, and
o    C++ pointers and references are automatically converted to database
     references when storing objects
o    database references are automatically converted to C++ pointers and
     references when reading objects
o    all database definition is done through a small extension to C++
     declaration syntax
Database Functionality
navigation, queries, sorting, indexes, single-user operation, multi-user
operation using client/server architecture, flexible locking for objects
and sets, nested transactions, watch & notify for objects and sets,
event handling, database size limited only by hard disk size
C++ Language Extensions
persistence, indexes, transient data elements in persistent classes, sets,
dependent objects
automatically converts extended C++ class declarations into ANSI 2.0 code,
registers classes in the class dictionary, provides class versioning
Predefined C++ Classes
date, time, strings, and BLOBS (binary large objects)
all platforms are source-code compatible, any POET database may be read by
any computer full support for heterogeneous networks
Available for MS-DOS / MS-Windows (Borland C++, Microsoft),
OS/2 (Borland C++), Novell, Macintosh MPW, and various Unix
systems, including NeXT (NeXTStep) and Sun OS (Sun C++).
How to Contact Us:
BKS has offices in Santa Clara, Hamburg, and Berlin.  Silicon
River, Limited, is responsible for POET in the United Kingdom.  
Santa Clara:    (North America, Australia, Asia)
BKS Software
4633 Old Ironsides Drive  Suite 110
Santa Clara, CA 95054
Phone:  415/286-4640
Contact Person: jrobie@netmbx.netmbx.de (Jonathan Robie)

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