Object-Orientation FAQ

Versant (Versant Object Technology)

  See also: http://www.versant.com
Versant is a client/server object database management system (ODBMS) targeted at
distributed, multi-user applications.  Versant runs on UNIX and PC platforms,
including Sun, IBM, HP, DEC, SGI, Sequent, OS/2, with support for Windows NT is
planned during 1993.
Versant provides transparent language interfaces from object-oriented
programming languages such as C++ and Smalltalk.  Versant also supports a C API.
Versant is built with an object-level architecture, which means that operations
are generally performed on the object (or group thereof) level.  Key Versant
features include:
*  Object-level locking for fine granularity concurrency control
*  Server-based query processing to reduce network I/O
*  Dual caching to speed warm traversals
*  Dynamic space reclamation and reuse
*  Immutable, logical object identifiers for data integrity
*  Object migration (transparent relocation across nodes)
*  Transparent cross-node references (distributed db)
*  Automatic two-phase commit
*  Schema evolution (online via lazy updates)
*  Standard workgroup features (e.g., versioning, checkin/out)
*  Detachable, personal databases
*  DBA utilities
Additional information available from
info@versant.com  (General information)
davek@versant.com (Dave Kellogg)
Versant Object Technology
1380 Willow Road
Menlo Park, California  94025
415-329-7500 phone.
415-325-2380 fax.
On Schema Evolution (from original survey):
We support run-time schema evolution.  It uses a lazy scheme, so
schema operations are very fast.  Objects on disk may have an older
`storage class' and they will be updated to the new schema when they
are used.
In older releases schema evolution was allowed only on leaf classes
(those with no subclasses).  In our new release 2 (going to beta test
soon) you can do schema evolution on any class.
In the future we're working on more general view mechanisms so you can
see a subset of the attributes in memory, or some more complicated
transformation.  This goes together with support for multiple
compilers and multiple languages.
[Joe Keane <osc!jgk@amd.com>]
Also: 1-800-Versant

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