Object-Orientation FAQ

Penguin (Stanford)

Penguin is an object-oriented interface to relational databases.
Penguin has its own simple language-independent object model with
inheritance for composite objects defined as views (called
view-objects) of a relational database.  These view-objects represent
data according to application requirements in such a way that multiple
applications can share overlapping, but different, sets of data.
Multiple applications may share data by having overlapping schemata
with differing composite objects and differing inheritance mappings.
We have a C++ binding, which supports multiple inheritance.  The
result is a framework for collaboration among multiple users, each
with differing perspectives about the system and its data.
For additional information, please contact ark@db.stanford.edu
``A C++ Binding for Penguin: a System for Data Sharing among
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Commercial Systems
See Databases & Development Sept. 5, 1994, p1. 
"Lisp, Smalltalk Languages Given Database Systems"
Franz, based in Berkeley, Calif., is now shipping AllegroStore, which the
company calls the first object database system designed for object-oriented
[...] The database is based on the ObjectStore engine from Object Design, also
in Burlington.  It supports multiple clients and servers, [...]
Franz is at 800-333-7260 or 510-548-3600.

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