Object-Orientation FAQ


Object Gateway is a modeling, mapping and code generation tool that lets
you look at existing relational data in Oracle, Sybase and other servers
as if they are object oriented.  It is a 100% client-resident and runs on
Microsoft Windows platforms.
Schema Genie, the design time component of Object Gateway, lets you design an
ODMG-style object model for your SQL database. Once the model is designed,
you can generate a variety of language interfaces for it (C++, C, OLE
Automation and Visual Basic are currently supported).
Object Engine is the run-time component of the system and it implements the
object data model by supporting features such as activation and deactivation of
objects, complex object assembly, inheritance, relationships and cache
management.  Object Browser is a component of the system that lets you browse
through and manipulate data based on the object model that you defined.
The central tenet of Object Gateway is that inside every complex relational
database, there is an object model waiting to get out. Such a model reduces
the abstraction level mismatch between modern, object oriented client tools
and SQL servers. Automatic generation of an object oriented data access layer
eliminates the need for programmers to hand-craft code to do the same.
For more information, please contact Sierra Atlantic at the address
    Sierra Atlantic Inc
    830 Hillview Court, Suite 270,
    Milpitas, CA 95035
    Phone: (408) 956 3006
    Fax:   (408) 956 3001
    Email:  objgtwy@shell.portal.com

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